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Our prescription drug coverage and mail order prescription drug program is through Script Care. Their Customer Service number is (800) 880-9988 and their website is www.scriptcare.com.

For instructions on how to activate your Script Care account online, click here.
Using their website, you can find individualized information on your benefit coverage and search for network pharmacies. You can also use the "Health Plan Costs" tool and find the approximate difference in cost between brand-name versions ofyour drug and a generic. You can also estimate the difference in medication costs between your retail pharmacy and the UHC mail order pharmacy.
Why Choose Generic? - A generic drug can be a more affordable and just as effective alternative. One way you can help keep our health care benefit affordable is by asking your doctor or pharmacist about FDA-approved high-quality generic equivalents whenever you get a prescription. These drugs have been reviewed by the FDA and have been determined to be just as effective as the name brand. Both medicines have the same chemically identical active ingredients, the same strength and the same dosage, but the generic drug costs less because drug companies spend more on marketing and advertising name-brand drugs.

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