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Question: What is Renters Insurance?
Answer: Under the lease agreement, residents may be held liable to the Property Owner (Landlord) for damages to the residence premises. Residents may also be legally liable for damage to the property of other tenants. Renters insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to the insured's personal property - furnishings, clothing, and other goods, for example - and for personal liability arising from bodily injury or property damage to another person.

Question: Why do I need Renters Insurance?
Answer: Your lease agreement requires that you maintain a minimum of $100,000 in liability insurance for damage to our property arising from your negligence (Note: your intentional acts would not be considered negligence). You may obtain this coverage through buying a Personal Liability or Renters Insurance policy from an agent or insurance company of your choice. If you choose to not provide evidence of other coverage, the Property Owner will consider this an additional risk.

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